Web Styles Hawaii is based in Maui Hawaii, offering affordable web design and development services geared towards keeping your website fresh and current on today’s web. Specializing in Responsive Web Design, Web Styles Hawaii will help you get your business online or modernize your current website using the latest technologies available.

Web Styles Hawaii works closely with you to develop a website that accurately reflects and enhances your brand’s web presents. The flexibility of the web means that information such as product updates and company news can be instantly available to a global audience at the fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Your options include packages that you completely manage yourself, solutions where you update some information and other parts are changed by Web Styles Hawaii and fully managed websites where you have complete peace of mind with Web Styles Hawaii doing all the work for you.

Web Design

The Internet is continually changing and your website needs to change with it. Today, current browser support allows web designers to make good use of Cascading Style Sheets. CSS has several benefits: separation of content from presentation, greater design flexibility, faster page load times, the ability to make pages accessible and even increased search engine visibility.

Web design is the designing and graphical presentation of content shown on the Internet in the form of websites and other web applications using many different forms of media. The basic design of most pages on the web use HTML, CSS, XHTML, and the newest form of language, HTML5 with CSS3. Many sites today integrate various forms of dynamic, interactive content using scripting languages such as JQuery, JavaScript and PHP.

Web Development

Developing information for the web is a proceed that contains project specific variations of these key elements; information gathering, planning, design, implementation, testing, hosting, launching and ongoing maintenance.

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